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<;strong>;”Linearity”<;/strong>; is a group show of works on paper by 25 local and international artists, curated by <;a href="http://www.kellymckernan.com" target="_blank">;Kelly McKernan<;/a>; that opens on <;strong>;Saturday, June 9th from 7-11pm.<;/strong>;

“Linearity” is about linear relationships – what happens in the connection between point A and point B. The participating artists have visually interpreted this theme by personally defining the variables, the algorithm used, and the outcome of the correlation, and whether their works involve time, space, thought, ideas, human relationships, personal goals, or the daily grind.

Participating artists include:

Laura Bell (Atlanta, Georgia), Linsay Blondeau (Halifax, Canada), Kelly Cloninger (Atlanta, Georgia), Patrick Davis (Atlanta, Georgia), Megan Frauenhoffer (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Nikita Gale (Atlanta, Georgia), Mike Germon (Atlanta, Georgia), Gene Guynn (Los Angeles, California), Julia Sonmi Heglund (Los Angeles, California), Angie Hoffmeister (Düsseldorf, Germany), Chelsea Greene Lewyta (New York City, New York), Kelly McKernan (Nashville, Tennessee), Morgan Booker (Atlanta, Georgia), Naomi Nowak (Stockholm, Sweden), Lady Orlando (Morelia, Mexico), Sam Parker (Atlanta, Georgia), Sanithna Phansavanh (Atlanta, Georgia), Chelsea Raflo (Atlanta, Georgia), Darick Ritter (Tuscaloosa, Alabama), Kaspian Shore (Münster, Germany), Allison Sommers (Brooklyn, New York), Kelly Spencer (Wellington, New Zealand), Marcy Starz (Atlanta, Georgia), Joe Tsambiras (Atlanta, Georgia), and Kelly Vivanco (Escondido, California).

Many of the artists will be in attendance, including several of our non-local artists.

All works will be available for purchase online the day after the opening. Stay tuned for updates!